Dedić, Arsen
25 Greatest Hits

  • Format: LP
  • Band: Dedić, Arsen
  • Title: 25 Greatest Hits
  • Band's Origin: YU
  • Style: Chanson, compilation
  • Rating: 4
  • Release Year: 2023
  • Recording Year: 19??-20??
  • Production Year: 2023
  • Record Company: Croatia Records
  • Item's Number: 2LP 6162482
  • Color of the Label: black/red
  • Edition:
  • Extras: 180 gram vinyl, fold out cover
  • EAN: 3850126162482
  • Weight: 540 g
  • Visual: new
  • Acoustic:
  • Cover: new

Croatia Records Release Information

In the summer of 2023, Croatia Records launched the new music series “25 Greatest Hits” exclusively on vinyl.

It is a music project that aims to recall the most significant, popular and best-selling authors, performers and songs. The first five editions that will be presented are by Mišo Kovač, Tereza Kesovija, Arsen Dedić, Novi Fosili and Zdravko Čolić, and each of them will have their twenty-five big hits.

The third released vinyl from the series is by Arsen Dedić. On the double LP, the rich musical career of the Serbian bard is rounded off, and among the twenty-five evergreens are songs as “Sve što znaš o meni” (Everything You Know about Me), “Tvoje nježne godine” (Your Tender Years), “Ne daj se Ines” (Don’t Give up Ines), “Zagreb i ja volimo se tajno” (Zagreb and I love each other secretly), “O, mladosti” (Oh, Youth), “Djevojka za jedan dan”, (Girl for a Day), “Amigo” (Friend) and “Dida moj” (My Grandfather).

The equipment of this double album includes an interview in which Arsen reveals details from his early childhood, from performances and travels, and about his biographical feature-length documentary film “Moj zanat” (My Craft) by Mladen Matičević.

“I made a living. All kinds of things happened to me, there were problems with my health. However, I never stopped working, even under those circumstances. Even in Padova, when I was ill and unable to write, I dictated one of my booklets called “Padova” and it was published. I played it into a tape recorder, and later I wrote it down when I could write again”, Arsen stated in an interview he gave on 28 April 2015 in Vienna.

And what did he say about himself?

“We know what Arsen is. Medicine, but also poison, depending on how judicious and knowledgeable amounts of it are used. That’s number one. Then it’s also nice that an abbreviation of Arsen is Ars, which would be “art”. The chemical symbol is As, which again means something. It all worked out. How did my mom come up with that name? Her beautiful name was Veronika Mišković, I even wrote a song about it.”

Full album:


Side A

1. Moderato cantabile 2:31
2. Sve što znaš o meni 3:38
3. Kuća pored mora 2:47
4. Tvoje nježne godine 2:42
5. Ne daj se Ines 4:19
6. Na zlu putu 3:32

Side B

1. Vraćam se 4:46
2. O, mladosti 3:19
3. Djevojka za jedan dan 4:35
4. Otkako te ne volim 3:40
5. Amigo 4:06
6. Ministarstvo straha 3:25

Side C

1. Sandra 3:27
2. Pjesma o Gabi Novak 3:05
3. Moj zanat 4:17
4. Ne plači 3:56
5. Takvim sjajem može sjati 3:40
6. Zagreb i ja se volimo tajno 3:46

Side D

1. Okus soli 3:35
2. Tvoje tijelo, moja kuća 4:20
3. Čistim svoj život 3:17
4. Bit ćeš uvijek moja 2:23
5. Razgovor s konobarom 3:17
6. Sanjam te 2:27
7. Dida moj 3:21