DG 307
Magický město vyhořelo! Koncert v klubu Jilská 15/10/1994

  • Format: CD
  • Band: DG 307
  • Title: Magický město vyhořelo! Koncert v klubu Jilská 15/10/1994
  • Band's Origin: CS
  • Style: psychedelic Rock, Underground Rock live
  • Rating: 4
  • Release Year: 2008
  • Recording Year: 1994
  • Production Year: 2008?
  • Record Company: Guerilla Records
  • Item's Number: GR 054-2
  • Color of the Label:
  • Edition:
  • Extras: digipak
  • EAN: 8594156570545
  • Weight: 74 g
  • Visual: new
  • Acoustic:
  • Cover: new
h3>Guerilla Records Release Information

A recording of a concert held in 1994 on the occasion of the opening of a club in Jilská Street. Unusually captivating music, excellent sound, unusual cast – everything was prepared just for this evening. From Pavel Zajíček’s letter: ...certain things happen like human breath the heartbeat the rain the sun. Even though I know that everything is “vanity upon vanity” it is worth entering into it with a revelation, a touch...

This is an even stronger touch of that intoxicating evening than usual for DG 307. Six of the nine tracks have not yet been released – otherwise they would have been lost forever in the annals of time.

Whatever DG 307’s primary diagnostic label for transient situational mental disorders, for me the group of that name is one of the most open and least explored paths to true poetry without refrains, to meanings of words beneath words, to rhythms beneath rhythms, to music that resonates on the spiritual echo chamber of everyone’s words – and thus differently each time (Jiří Černý)

The band played with Ivan Bierhanzl: bass guitar, vocals; Otakar “Alfred” Michl: guitar; Antonín Korb: drums, timpani; Tomáš Schilla: cello; Pavel Zajíček: voice.


1. Siluety letících ptáků
2. Posvátný místa
3. Růžová mlha
4. Uprostřed noci
5. Křídlo anděla
6. 7 dní a 7 moří
7. Každej den něco jinýho...
8. Mlčenlivá bohyně z mramoru
9. Nejkrásnější místo tohoto světa