Clarinet Factory

  • Format: CD
  • Band: Clarinet Factory
  • Title: Pipers
  • Band's Origin: CS
  • Style: Jazz & ambient Music
  • Rating: 4
  • Release Year: 2020
  • Recording Year: 2020
  • Production Year: 2020
  • Record Company: Supraphon
  • Item's Number: SU 6590-2
  • Color of the Label:
  • Edition:
  • Extras: digipak
  • EAN: 099925659028
  • Weight: 68 g
  • Visual: new
  • Acoustic:
  • Cover: new

Supraphon Release Information

A fascinating sonic journey unbound by genres or conventions!

Clarinet Factory – an ensemble of four classically trained clarinetists with a history of over 25 years since their beginnings – boldly crosses genre boundaries and explores the possibilities of the clarinet and its sound against all conventions. This is evidenced by collaborative projects with Bobby McFerrin, Alan Vitouš, Lenka Dusilová, Jana Koubková, Iva Bittová, leading Czech rock bands such as Tata Bojs or Blue Effect, the folk ensemble Grunik, as well as the world-renowned orchestras PKF - Prague Philharmonia, Filharmonie Brno and the theatre group VerTeDance.

This is even more eloquently demonstrated by the Clarinet Factory’s own original work. It is, without exaggeration, a fascinating adventurous journey through remote corners and wide avenues of music, where the only limitation is one’s own imagination and creativity. After recent internationally highly successful albums “Worx and Reworx” (Supraphon, 2014) and “Meadows” (Belgian label, 2017), the ensemble writes the next chapter in its exciting musical journey on the new release “Pipers”. This time, the creation and realisation of the album, which was recorded almost live in the renowned Studio SONO and with the contribution of Milan Cimfe as a guest who added a touch of “rock energy”, takes a new direction as Clarinet Factory emphasise the ensemble’s own intimacy and tightness.

With the authenticity and rawness so typical of their live performances, combined with the use of innovative electronic and acoustic instruments, from loopers to effects equipment to the electronic clarinet, they have managed to achieve a sound quite unique in the world! It combines elements of alternative, jazz or world music with bold sound experiments and classical song form, which they cover with cosmopolitan lyrics in English, Czech and Spanish.

The foursome of Luděk Boura, Vojtěch Nýdl, Jindřich Pavliš and Petr Valášek, who have successfully presented their work at international shows such as Mundial Montréal, Classical: Next and Womex, has thus created a breathtaking work that takes the understanding of the term crossover and the sound of clarinets as such to levels never before imagined.


1. What a Love 5:01
2. Dudál 3:40
3. Než zavoláš 4:20
4. Autumn 2:30
5. Naftalíh 3:56
6. Pipers 4:30
7. A la Orilla 4:02
8. Mayday 4:46
9. Orlík 2020 7:40
10. Kapej sůl 4:31