Asanović, Tihomir “Pop”
Povratak prvoj ljubavi & Return to the First Love

  • Format: LP
  • Band: Asanović, Tihomir “Pop”
  • Title: Povratak prvoj ljubavi & Return to the First Love
  • Band's Origin: YU
  • Style: Jazzrock, male & female vocals, English vocals on LP 2
  • Rating: 4
  • Release Year: 2019
  • Recording Year: 2019?
  • Production Year: 2019
  • Record Company: Croatia Records
  • Item's Number: 2LP 6085750
  • Color of the Label: white/blue
  • Edition: original
  • Extras: 180 gram vinyl, fold out cover, inner sleeves
  • EAN: 3850126085750
  • Weight: 597 g
  • Visual: new
  • Acoustic:
  • Cover: new

Croatia Records Release Information

After more than 40 years of music and recording hiatus, the cult musician Tihomir “Pop” Asanović has released the double album “Povratak prvoj ljubavi / Return to the First Love”.

It is about the Serbocroatian and English versions of songs that he performed together with his band and musician friends, who gladly responded to the invitation of one of the best European jazz organists. The release is now available on double vinyl, which will surely attract fans of his sound and the cult albums “Majko zemljo” (Mother Earth) and “Pop” (Priest), which after several decades are still among the most sought after domestic LPs on the collector’s vinyl market today.

Tihomir Pop Asanović & Friends is the name of the band that worked on all the songs, and apart from Pop there are the singer Sabrina Hebiri, the guitarist Jani Moder, the bassist Davor Črnigoj and the drummer David Morgan. Guests of the album are Vlatko Stefanovski, Dragan Jelić, Radomir “Točak” Mihajlović, Nenad Čanak, Vedran Božić, Primož Grašič, Amir Gwirtzman, Drago V., Aki Rahimovski, Janez Bončina, Vlado Janevski, Karolina Gočeva, Saša Antić, Tone Tuoro and Vinko Mihić. The album was recorded at the Croatia Records Studio in Zagreb and the RSL Studio in Novi Mesto, Slovenia with the sound engineers Matej Gobec, Goran Martinac and Mauro Širol, and was produced by Duško Mandić.

Immediately after the release of the album, the media wrote about this incredible story, somewhat forgotten and brought up to date again as a reminder to young generations, and there are also great reactions from music critics who point out that Pop’s new album is a natural continuation of his rich international career.

““Povratak prvoj ljubavi / Return to the First Love” brings a masterful performance by the entire ensemble, clear and concise songs that are given the finishing touch by the great singer Sabrina Hebiri in the style of jazz and funky.” – Hrvoje Horvat, Večernji list

“A perfect combination and an incredible continuation of his work with the first two albums from 40 years ago, but in a modern production.” – Dubravko Jagatić, National

“It’s a gig where we won’t hear just two to three chords on the bass guitar, a gig where the drummer’s skin on the snare is not worn out in the same place. This is an evocation, a certificate that these excellent musicians passed with great success.” – Đorđe Škarica, SoundGuardian

“This “Pop” song wrapped in superbly played funky jazz rock is also interesting. “Povratak prvoj ljubavi / Return to the First Love” is a very modern retro album, and for those who don’t understand what it means, get it, and things will be much clearer. ” – Boris Abramović, Music Box

There is incredible energy in Pop’s songs, but also musical brilliance that seemed to have been crouching in him for four decades, waiting for its dawn. The list of musicians who responded to his invitation is also incredible, which confirms the status and reputation of this pioneer of jazz fusion in our area. All this was preceded by the publication of remastered reissues of the cult albums “Majko zemljo” and “Pop” on CD and vinyl, which were best sellers in Croatia for several months according to the official national vinyl sales chart. The CD version of the new album “Povratak prvoj ljubavi / Return to the First Love” has also been on the list of the best selling domestic albums since its release, and the numerous announced concert performances of Tihomir Pop Asanović & Prijatelje will certainly be among the most sought-after in the region.

Full album:

Femme fatale (official video):

Days of Daze (official video):

Noć u klubu (official video):

Male stvari (official video):

Express Novi Sad (official video):


LP 1 Povratak prvoj ljubavi

Side A

1. Femme fatale 5:24
2. Male stvari 3:59
3. Gledaš u mene 4:26
4. Domovino moja 5:13
5. Uvijek možeš se dić’ 3:59

Side B

1. Kao Lucy 3:21
2. Ludo momče Makedonče 5:11
3. Poruka 3:20
4. Express Novi Sad 4:29
5. Noć u klubu 5:18

LP 2 Return to the First Love

Side C

1. Days of Daze 5:24
2. Little Things 3:59
3. My First and Last 4:25
4. To Mother Earth 5:13
5. Shooting for the Stars 3:58

Side D

1. Skywalk 3:21
2. Crazy Macedonian Boy 5:11
3. Message 3:20
4. Express Novi Sad 4:29
5. Night at the Club 5:18