Blue Effect, The

  • Format: LP
  • Band: Blue Effect, The
  • Title: Meditace
  • Band's Origin: CS
  • Style: Bluesrock, progressive Rock, Underground
  • Rating: 5
  • Release Year: 2017
  • Recording Year: 1969
  • Production Year: 1970/2017
  • Record Company: Supraphon
  • Item's Number: SU 6379-1
  • Color of the Label: white
  • Edition: 2017
  • Extras: 180 gram vinyl, fold out cover, inner sleeve
  • EAN: 099925637910
  • Weight: 374 g
  • Visual: new
  • Acoustic:
  • Cover: new

Supraphon Release Information

The legendary rock album in a new CD/LP pack!

One of the seminal albums in the history of Czech rock now in a CD/LP package! Made back in 1970, it has been re-released at the time when Radim Hladík has entered – unfortunately, in memoriam – Radio Beat’s Hall of Fame. The legendary guitarist was simply synonymous with The Blue Effect, even though until 2016 the band included a number of other excellent singers and instrumentalists.

The album features its four essential members: Hladík, the vocalist Vladimír Mišík, the bass guitarist Jiří Kozel and the percussionist Vlado Čech. The recording has been remastered from the tapes for CD and vinyl. The genesis of The Blue Effect and its debut LP are explained in the booklet, which also contains photographs, selected lyrics and period documents. The sleeve of the LP has been reconstructed by its creator, Alan Pajer, into the formerly intended gatefold, in part different, design. The LP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl, while the CD contains seven bonus tracks, thus affording an updated sound to the complete recordings made by The Blue Effect, with Vladimír Mišík on vocal duties.

Kalemegdan Disk Additions

This is one of the top titles from Eastern Europe’s rock history: Highly recommended progressive Rock with a touch of Blues and Underground, recorded in 1969.


Side A

1. Paměť lásky 4:01
2. Blue Effect Street 4:03
3. Fénix 4:26
4. Stroj na nic 2:24
5. Slunečný hrob 1:47

Side B

1. Little Girl / Děvčátko 3:52
2. Deserted Alley / Osamělá ulice 3:11
3. Blues about Stone / Kamenné blues 7:57
4. Rainy Day / Deštivý den 3:57
5. Where Is My Star / Kde je má hvězda 3:27