Koubková, Jana
A tak si jdu...

  • Format: CD
  • Band: Koubková, Jana
  • Title: A tak si jdu...
  • Band's Origin: CS
  • Style: Rock - Avant-garde, female vocals
  • Rating: 4
  • Release Year: 2016
  • Recording Year: 2016?
  • Production Year: 2016
  • Record Company: Supraphon
  • Item's Number: SU 6345-2
  • Color of the Label:
  • Edition:
  • Extras:
  • EAN: 099925634520
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Visual: new
  • Acoustic:
  • Cover: new

Supraphon Release Information

Surprising news from a great singer! Jana Koubková clearly refuses to take into account her age and possible stylistic strictures. On this CD you will encounter rather expected scat passages, but also virtuoso Latin, really honest blues or electric guitar rock pieces, all under the sovereign JK brand. Rightfully so, her bandmates Jan Červenka (drums), Roman Hampacher (electric and acoustic guitars, vocals), Ondřej Kabrna (Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, accordion), Jan Keller (cello), Zdeněk “Wimpy” Tichota (bass), Vít Švec (double bass) and Alan Vitouš (percussion) are also listed alphabetically on the title track. What a name, what an instrumentalist concept, what a musician, what a friend – and it shows.

A dozen or so tracks (music mostly by Koubková or Hampacher, verbally playful lyrics usually by the singer herself) were recorded in the Faust Records studio, with Derek Saxenmeyer sitting behind the mixing and mastering console. The stylish cartoon cover – also used as an animated video for the title track – was created by Luděk Bárta. From the slightly shocking opening song “A tak si jdu...” (And so I go...), full of reckless whistling and dramatic feelings, you will listen with pleasure to the closing fast blues “Čekám jak škeble na útesu” (I’m Waiting like a Clam on a Cliff). In between, you are sure to love the acoustic almost folk “Hořela hora” (Burning Mountain), the electric bluesrock with a hit chorus “Šípr” (Arrow), the big scat ride “Vrátek” (Back to) or the almost chanson “Táhne ráhno” (Pulls the Pull).

A real listener’s delight, in which Jana Koubková combined past experience with fresh energy. There is a great force of excellent female musicians in our music at the moment, but this is a truly extraordinary contribution from a septuagenarian, quite rightly unafraid of anything untried.

A definite pick for the trans-genre album of 2016!


1. A tak si jdu... 2:57
2. Třináct je tucet 3:15
3. Šípr 3:44
4. Hořela hora 4:33
5. Vrátek 3:52
6. Hvězdy nesvítí 4:20
7. Táhne táhno 4:03
8. Země se otřásá 3:01
9. Ponad 4:04
10. Tvá pýcha mě míchá 3:58
11. Retro kecy 1:55
12. Čekám jak škeble na útesu 3:42