Bambi Molesters, The
Sonic Bullets – 13 from the Hip

  • Format: CD
  • Band: Bambi Molesters, The
  • Title: Sonic Bullets – 13 from the Hip
  • Band's Origin: YU / HR
  • Style: instrumental Beat
  • Rating: 5
  • Release Year: 2001
  • Recording Year: 2001
  • Production Year: 2001
  • Record Company: Dancing Bear
  • Item's Number: DBCD 042
  • Color of the Label:
  • Edition:
  • Extras:
  • EAN: 3858882194228
  • Weight: 94 g
  • Visual: new
  • Acoustic:
  • Cover: new

Dancing Bear Release Information

The third full-length release from Croatia’s surf monsters, The Bambi Molesters, is everything I wanted it to be and a little bit more. I didn’t expect vocal tracks at all, let alone vocal tracks that maintain the spray and the salt of the waves. While some purists may consider these as intrusions, I find them exquisite. There are only a few of those, of course, as their bread and butter is and always has been instrumental surf music with a deliciously dangerous spy overtone. This is what we’ve come to expect from The Bambi Molesters and they don’t dissapoint.

The CD is crawling with intrigue, danger and atmosphere. Lead guitarist/songwriter Dalibor Pavičić’s melodies are often simpler than those on the their last album, Intensity, with the emphasis shifted more toward atmosphere and texture. Instead of solid soloing, Dalibor and Dinko Tomljanović interweave guitar lines for a full, intricate soundscape. “Farewell Malasana” is exactly that kind of song, so moody, dark yet filled with mystique that it sounds like it could be Emma Peele’s funeral music. When they turn up the intensity, as they do in “Double Danger” and several other breathtakers, you feel the enemy agents closing in and your foot on the accelerator, oil and nails deploying behind your Jaguar as you make yet another narrow escape.

A few years ago there were a hundred bands playing spy/surf music and only about five playing it well. Now there are only a few left, and luckily The Bambi Molesters are among them. If you’ve gotta pare down, at least keep the best. They’re joined by several special guests, most notable among them Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey of REM, but the band is the story and chapter three is a good one. (DJ Johnson, Cosmik Debris)

Dancing Bear Band Information (from 2005)

Formed in 1995 under the influence of 60’s garage and surf classics, the Croatia based band The Bambi Molesters won sympathies of rock critics and underground rock audience with their first album “Dumb Loud Hollow Twang” which was released in 1997. Since then they have been playing regularly in Croatia and all over Europe and their fiery and energetic live performances have helped to build their reputation as one of the finest and most original contemporary instrumental bands.

In 1999 the band signed the record deal with Dancing Bear. They released their second album called “Intensity”. The same LP was also released in Germany on Kamikaze Records. Both “Intensity” and “Dumb Loud Hollow Twang” gained positive reviews in the music press and were nominated in various categories of the Croatian music award.

In December 2001 The Bambi Molesters released their 3rd CD “Sonic Bullets: 13 from the Hip” (the LP version is from 2003) with the following guests: Peter Buck (REM), Scott McCaughey (Minus Five, REM touring band), Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts), Terry Lee Hale and Eduardo “Speedo” Martinez (The Flaming Sideburns). Just like the previous one, the new The Bambi Molesters album was published by the Croatian record label Dancing Bear. The CD got excellent reviews in various magazines (Mojo, Uncut, Pitchfork, ...) and received the Croatian journalist award for the best album of the year 2001.

In June 2002 “Sonic Bullets: 13 from the Hip” was licensed by ACE Records and was released on their Big Beat label.

The Bambi Molesters’ songs are regularly played on American (KFJC, KFAI, KXLU, WREK, WHUS) and British (BBC RADIO 1 in London) radio stations. The song “C Alpha E” was included in the movie called “The Treat” by Jonathan Gems (screenwriter for “Mars Attacks” and “1984”). Their music can also be heard in videos (“Cross Cuts” for Tonix Pictures and Dragonfly BMX video). Three songs from the first LP are included in the movie “Barabe” (Viba film, Slovenia). During the last couple of years the band has played more than 100 gigs and supported well known acts including The Cramps, REM, Chrome Cranks, Man or Astroman,...

In July 2003 the band played as a support at the R.E.M. European tour. The Bambi Molesters played at three gigs in front of 50000 people altogether.

In June 2004, together with The Walkabouts singer Chris Eckman they formed The Strange. Their debut album “Nights of Forgotten Films” is out on Dancing Bear.


1. Theme from Slaying Beauty 3:51
2. Malaguena 2:58
3. Corazón del Loco Jorge 4:36
4. Ice & Pinewood Trees 3:08
5. Last Ride 3:12
6. Bubble Bath 2:04
7. Bombora 2:06
8. Tremble & Shake 2:39
9. Baia 2:58
10. Farewell Malasaña 4:52
11. Final Wave for the Day 2:24
12. Double Danger 3:38
13. Chaotica 5:12